Carthage Police Officer Dies In Traffic Accident During Chase

Courtesy: Carthage Police Department
Courtesy: Carthage Police Department

A Carthage police officer was killed early Tuesday in one-vehicle crash during a pursuit.

23 year old Officer Everett Dennis was in a pursuit on Highway 79 north, going towards Shreveport, when the accident happened near the Panola County airport. His vehicle veered off the road, and Officer Dennis was ejected from the car.

Officer Dennis's car was the only one involved in the crash, and there was no dash cam because it was in the shop for repairs. Officer Dennis hadn't yet radioed why he was chasing the suspect, and police aren't sure who he was chasing.

Police Chief Duane Baushke told KLTV 7 that Officer Dennis had "kind of gotten into the habit of taking his seat belt off before he stopped somebody," because of what happened to Trooper Burns, who was shot and killed before he had the opportunity to remove his seatbelt and access his weapon or get out of the way of shots.

Carthage Police officers are now left wearing badges with black bands, in his honor.

Chief Baushke teared up when talking about Officer Dennis. "He always had a willingness to work and always had a smile, loved helping people. He's going to be missed."

Michelle Jeter, the assistant police chief, said she had never seen anyone so dedicated. "You know, the boy was living his dream. He says, I've always wanted to be a police officer, and now I'm here and I have the opportunity. They just don't make many people like him, and he'll be extremely tough to replace."

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