Military Family Expresses Pride In Their Son

"This is his dad, Woodrow Ingram. This is his older brother...he was in the Navy for eight years. And this is Ken, when he was in the Air Force," says Pearlie Ingram, Sgt. Brown's mother.

At home, he's Ken. But for Staff Sergeant Keyton Brown, serving the country is in his blood.

"He is military all the way. Special forces, airborne, chemical trained - he went all the way with it," says Woodrow Ingram, Sgt. Brown's father, with pride.

All the way and back again, after three tours in Iraq. Sgt. Brown says time at home is precious time. "Either I'm in schools, or in training, or deployed, and this is one of the times that I get to see my family."

Sgt. Brown entered the Air Force in 1989, and joined the Army nearly a decade later, a successful military career that's been bittersweet for his family. "It is hard when Daddy's gone," Kyla Brown shares. She's Sgt. Brown's little daughter.

But thank goodness for good food and good welcomes like this one. While he's home, this family wants to be sure this soldier is appreciated.

"It makes me proud...not only for my son, but for all of the military guys that are out there," says Pearlie. "When I fall on my knees and pray every night for my son, I never fail to include them also."