Boat House Accident Sinks Summer For Some Boat Owners

Summer fun on the lake has been put on hold for about a dozen East Texas boat owners.

Sunday night, a boat house collapsed at Lake Tyler Marina, and a Smith County game warden narrowly escaped injury by the falling roof.

Today, boat owners came out and surveyed the damage.

"I was planning on using it this week, on Thursday," says Darrell Forster. "We planned on using it July 4th out here, and it just may not happen now," sighs Jimmy Magness.

Summer has gotten off to a rocky start for Forster and Magness. They'd show us their boats, but they can't - they're stuck under a tin roof.

Magness says that with better maintenance, the whole incident could've been prevented. "The boat houses out here, you know, we think they're safe to go on. We think we can bring our families out to go on the water, and then this happens."

"You can take a look at some of the boat houses and see repairs really need to be done out here."

The owner of Lake Tyler Marina, David Stoner, would not go on camera today, but did tell KLTV 7 News that he has no idea why the boat house collapsed Sunday. He said he's been doing some repairs on other boat houses, but he's never had any problems with this one.

Smith County game warden Chris Green found himself right in the middle of it Sunday night when he was putting up his boat.

"I looked up at the tin on the roof, and I could see in the roof where screws were popping out of the tin almost like popcorn, and I knew something was about to occur. We are just glad there were not any personal injuries and I'm glad I wasn't hurt," said Green today.

Still damage has been done, and right now these boat owners' summer on the lake has been sunk.

The owner of Lake Tyler Marina says he'll have an insurance adjustor out to assess the damage in the next couple of days. The boat owners we talked to say they have insurance as well, but don't know the extent of the damage yet.

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