30 Year East Texas Nurse Busted In Drug Case With Stolen Pills

What started as a bootlegging investigation in a dry county has yielded a whole lot more than just illegal booze.

It happened Monday in Van, which is just east of Canton.

Police seized cases of alcohol from the home of Franklin and Deborah Robinson, along with about 20 pistols, rifles, and shotguns, and about six pounds of marijuana.

Police Cheif Kelly Smith also say several packages of prescription drugs were inside the home, and have been now confirmed to be stolen from the Clairmont Nursing Home in Tyler, where Mrs. Robinson worked. Mrs. Robinson is a 30 year career nurse in East Texas

58 year old Franklin Robinson and 55 year old Deborah Robinson now face drug possession and trafficking charges.

Cathryn Khalil / ckhalil@kltv.com