Road Rage Leads To Chase, Shooting, Arrests

Tyler Police have apprehended three men today, accused of chasing a family to their home over a case of road rage.

The altercation apparently started at a stop sign around eleven this morning, where a man was in his car with a woman and their seven month old child. Three men who were in a car at the same sign began arguing with him, apparently over a ran stop sign.

The man drove with his family to his home in North Tyler, while the three men followed him. Once they reached the home, the group of men stated that they were going to go and get firearms and come back.

A few minutes later, the three pursuers were back on the man's front yard. After threatening to shoot the men if they didn't leave his yard, the man shot a couple of warning shots from his large-calibur rifle into the men's car.

After the men fled, police apprehended them in their car a few blocks later. The man who fired the shots in defense was not arrested.

Cathryn Khalil /