Sailor Back From Guantanamo Security Duty

A big welcome home in Gregg county for a navy man who's on leave from his overseas duty, not from Iraq, or Afghanistan,  but Cuba. Master-at-arms 2nd class petty officer Damian Feliciano has served the last year in the hot bed of Guantanamo, Cuba.       Arriving at east Texas regional airport, Feliciano was met by his wife Tina, and members of the patriot guard and welcome home soldier.

"I didn't know what to think really I was like is this for me I didn't think it was for me" he says.

Feliciano is back after grueling duty at Guantanamo prisoner compound.

"My unit is in charge of taking care of detained personnel enemy combatants" Damian says.

"Its a stressful place I've been worried about the stress level. The things he has to go through day to day, so glad to have him home" his wife Tina says.

The Feliciano's were married just before 9-11,  and Damian volunteered shortly thereafter.

"They're gone too and sometimes they're gone longer , they miss their family just as much" Tina says.

He's part of the navy expeditionary battalion, responsible for guarding prisoners that have vital information into the terrorist cells we are at war with.

"A lot of lives have been saved because of what we're doing down there so I just want people to know that there are still people down there giving it their all" says Damian.

His duty is no less risky, but he quietly accepts his role in our war on terrorism.

"We're stepping up to the plate and keeping up with the fight" the petty officer says.

Feliciano is home for 30 days before being re-deployed to Bahrain. Bob Hallmark reporting/