Lake Tyler Marina Boat House Roof Collapse

Authorities say as many as eleven boats were trapped Sunday night under what was once the roof of a boat house.  Just before 7:00 p.m., witnesses at Lake Tyler Marina say they heard a loud noise and then saw the roof of boat house come crashing down.  Fortunately, authorities say no one was under the boat house when it fell apart.

The roof did fall on several boats and even Smith County Game Warden Chris Green's truck. Barry McAdam says he was getting his boat out of the lake when he saw the roof collapse and was worried Green was injured.

"I was finishing the last snap, and I turned around, and I didn't see Chris anywhere, and I thought, oh my gosh, the boat building fell on Chris," said McAdam.  "I went running around here, and I had to climb over the building, and I yelled Chris several times and finally he was standing by his truck, and he yelled back he was ok."  Authorities say they don't know what caused the boat house to collapse.  Right now, they say they're just thankful no one was hurt.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.