East Texans Should Be Vigilant Against Terror

It's a holiday unique to this country... a day to be patriotic. That's why many feel it could be a prime target. The FBI has told law enforcement to be on heightened alert, and that goes for everyone who heads to a celebration for the Fourth of July. .

"The government is concerned about any event that draws a mass crowd and what can happen at those type of events," said Clay Alexander, head of the Tyler office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

"Obviously, a public fireworks display or at any type of event that's free, there's very little you can do to ensure that everything is safe."

Not everything, but the Tyler Jaycees say for their fireworks show at Lindsey Park, safety is top priority.

"Every year we coordinate with many state local and federal agencies to ensure public safety," said Jeff Hall of the Jaycees.

Nearly a dozen agencies - police, volunteer firefighters, EMS - will all be working to keep the thousands who show up out of harm's way.   There is no reason to believe local events might be targets. Alexander says big events will have extreme levels of security and screening, but smaller events, in smaller towns might not.

"The amount of security in some of your more rural areas, and what your targets of opportunity are, we need to remain especially vigilant in this area."