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7/1/02 - New Diana

Fireworks Stand Helps Graduating Seniors

You may have seen a fireworks stand on Highway 259 in New Diana.  

It's operated during New Year's and July fourth for about six years.

But what makes it different is the proceeds made at this stand go towards scholarships for New Diana graduating seniors.

"The supplier gives us our stand. He gives us our stock which we would not be able to pay $14,000 for this because we don't have that kind of funds then we get 27% of what we sell," says organizer, Jean Stephens.

Scholarship recipient, Jared Brunson says, "it means a lot because my family just invested in 2 washaterias, and we're paying them off, and paying for college is not a cheap thing to do."

 Jared is one of three students this past year who were awarded the $500 scholarships.

The stand is run by ex-students of New Diana.

Not only have they provided scholarships for the past six years but they have also paid for several renovations through-out the school as well as improving playground equipment and helping to pay for new band uniforms.

"We're hoping that we can get enough money this time to give five scholarships plus some more projects that we can give back to the school," says Stephens.

Help students like Jared says is always appreciated.

Jared hopes to someday become a teacher himself at New Diana.

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