Memorial Observance Held In Longview

For many aging veterans, it's a time to remember great struggles and sacrifices. For others, the more recent losses in war. But for all who attended at the Gregg County Courthouse steps, it was a time to remember all generations who have fought for our country.

"This country is our pride our joy, we fought for it , we love it we respect it" says World War Two Iwo Jima veteran Milton Saxon.

For many it was a time to reflect on those who they fought with, and those who died on foreign soil.

"I remember the ones that didn't come back, and it still means a lot to me to celebrate this day" says 22 year Navy veteran Charlie Hamilton, a veteran of Korea and Vietnam.

"Those that I didn't even know regardless of what war they were in what police action, whatever, I honor those people" says U.S. Army Korean War veteran Jack Frye.

The traditional roll was called , as veterans from all branches were recognized. And the families of those killed in Iraq were awarded honorary flags.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting