Gregg County Honors Veterans Today

Today is the official Memorial Day observance, and to commemorate the day, veterans and patriotic citizens gathered in Longview to pay a moving tribute to those who have worn the uniform of military service and sacrifice to the nation.

In a ceremony at the Gregg County Courthouse steps, citizens came together to remember all generations who have fought for our country.

The traditional roll was called, as veterans from all branches were recognized.

And the families of those killed in Iraq were awarded honorary flags.

Many reflected on how much has been lost through military sacrifices.

Charlie Hamilton, who fought in Korea and Vietnam with the U.S. Navy, says, "I remember the ones that didn't come back, and it still means a lot to me to celebrate this day."

"Those that I didn't even know regardless of what war they were in, what police action, whatever - I honor those people," said Jack Frye, who fought with the Army in Korea.

Bob Hallmark /