Scam Targeting Military Supporters Going Around

There's a new spin on an old scam going around - except this one toys with your patriotism.

An email has been circulating the United States, supposedly from a Marine Captain, asking for your help. But, as KLTV 7 News found out, there's nothing patriotic about it.

"Then open it up, and find this garbage in's really upsetting."

Former Army Staff Sergeant Mike Tayler is talking about an email that he got just last night. The subject line reads: United States Marine Corps, Iraq, but he says it's anything but American.

"Really, it bothers me tremendously to have something like this going on. It irritates the devil out of me."

The email, from a supposed Marine Captain in Iraq says he needs help bringing $10,000,000 found at one of Saddam Hussein's palaces to the United States. "[They're] using the idea that we're under a lot of stress over here, we are under combat situations, and we need your help, we need to be reimbursed for our services over here." Tugging at the heart strings of all Americans, especially ex-military officers.

"It does, because I've been in a similar type situation."

But Mike says he knew better, considering sentences in the email like, "I'm in need of assistance and have summoned up the courage to contact you." That's why he contacted the Better Business Bureau.

Kay Robinson of the BBB says don't fall for it. "It's obviously a scam, and I found it to be a take off the Nigerian scam that's been going around our country for the last 20 years, at least."

So don't email back, and certainly don't give them any personal information.

"There's lots of ways you can be friends with a soldier, but it's not through this methodology at all."

So take it from a soldier himself, and do your patriotic duty by hitting delete.

Tracy Watler /