East Texan Clinches World Record

Wes Pemberton, also known as, the Leg Hair Guy, has always said one thing:  "I could invent a cure for cancer, and I would still be known as the long leg hair guy."

In October, KLTV introduced you to Pemberton and his freakishly long leg hair.

"It was initially 4.88in.," he said.  In October, Pemberton broke that record when his hair grew to 5 inches.  "It continued to grow and it got up to 6.5 inches."

His popularity grew, as well.  That long leg hair carried Pemberton all the way to the national stage.  He even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In February, he flew all the way to Madrid, Spain to tape a world record show with people from all over the globe--who held pretty much every record in the book.

"I definitely thought [mine] was the strangest, until I got there and met some very interesting people."

One of those people was Lucky, the most tattooed man in the world.  He also met Cat.  "He had some cheek implants, he had his lips reconstructed, he had his teeth filed down to look like tiger teeth.  These people definitely get into it," he said.  "What else could you do if you were the most tattooed man in the world or your face looked like a tiger?  That's all you can do is be that person."

So where's the hair now?

Pemberton said he lost track of it.   "At one point I looked down to see where it was and how it was doing, and it was gone," he said.

But the memories, the experience, and for the record, is here to stay.

Pemberton said he just closed on a house here in Tyler.  He'll soon begin his residency at a local hospital.   If you see him, he answers to both Wes and "Leg Hair Guy."

Layron Livingston, Reporting llivingston@kltv.com