Pain At The Pump: Paying More to Smell the Roses

For more than 30 years, the Longview Flower Shop has been in Nancy Van Dyke's family. As time has gone on, the cost to deliver beautiful flowers has gone up.

Because of rising fuel cost, Van Dyke says she has had to make a ten percent increase on fuel charge. "When we go to Kilgore and Gladewater this is where the gas gets us and now our customers is having to pay for it now. If you walk in the shop. You're going to get a normal $25 to $50 dollar bouquet. You will not have anything added on to your cost. When we add it on ot the cost-- it's going to be our fuel charge for delivery," said Van Dyke.

Donna Fyfe delivers for Longview Flower Shop and she says their customers understand the increase  "Most people don't complain, they're actually quite willing to pay the extra charge to have it delivered," Fyfe said.

Rising fuel cost aren't just effecting local flower shops. Florist wholesalers like Greenleaf are feeling the effects too. To cut down on fuel cost, the Longview Flower Shop plans out their delivery routes each day to save on gas.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting