2 East Texas Restaurants Come Up Short With Health Inspectors

Only two East Texas restaurants are singled out for critical violations in the latest round of inspections by local health departments.

In Longview, the Texas Roadhouse at 320 Loop 281, came up a little short. Raw chicken, wings and green beans were not being held at the proper temperature. Employees did clean the floors, but not their hands once they were done. And afterwards,  the inspector batted one too many flies in kitchen area. Total demerits: 15

In Tyler, Taco Bueno on Loop 323 hasn't been open long, but long enough for inspectors to see some things they didn't like. The refried beans were not cooled to the proper temperature. An employee was seen violating hand washing procedure, not to mention the pots and pans blocking the hand washing sink. Those were not as clean as they should have been, with built up grease, and the soda fountains were moldy. Total demerits :15

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com