Trey And Dana Hughey Are Home With Twins Ford And Hayden

You've anticipated it, we've anticipated and they have certainly anticipated it. The day has finally come when KLTV 7 anchor Dana Hughey's twin boys are home together in Tyler. They've been at a Fort Worth hospital since the boys were born prematurely back in January. Thursday, 7's Tracy Watler sat down with Dana and her husband, Trey, as they held Ford and Hayden for all the world to see.

Sitting on their couch, one in each lap, holding them in their arms, it's a day Trey and Dana Hughey say they always knew would come.

"We cried and we worried, but I never once thought that Ford and Hayden weren't going to come home. I mean this one, this one was really sick and I never once thought he wasn't going to come home," Dana says as she bounces little Ford on her legs.

Finally leaving the hospital together, this is the first time, both boys are home.  The journey to this couch has been what they call a "battle."

"The not knowing it was just miserable. You walk in you see your boys connected to all these tubes, you hate seeing your kids like that, and it was just a battle that they continued to fight and each and every day they still fight each day," Trey says.

Moved from machine to machine, the twins have come a long way.  Still with some kidney problems and hooked up to oxygen, they are stable.  And it's your prayers, Trey and Dana say, they have to thank.

"I promised myself that I would make sure that these guys would show just what the power of prayer can do because that's what these guys are," Dana says.

And now, the Hugheys can only dream about what the future holds for their boys.

"We're looking forward to everything, strolls around the neighborhood, you know sleepless nights.  Some things parents dread we're so grateful to have because we haven't had it for the previous five months. Well we've had the sleepless nights but not with them," Trey adds.

They were a couple, husband and wife.

"I'm so blessed because I have my husband and that's the thing that got me through. I want everyone to know that he's the most amazing husband because I cried all the time and I worried and sometimes probably yelled but he loved me and told me everyday that the boys are going to make it if you just believe, so I want to thank my husband", Dana says.

And now they're a family complete with two little miracles.

Tracy Watler, Reporting