Preparing To Be Smoke Free Sunday

"Welcome to St Louis Rib Factory. Would you prefer smoking or non-smoking?," said the hostess.

On Sunday, that greeting will be a thing of the past. Craig McGee of St Louis Rib Factory is like many across town getting his restaurant prepared to be smoke free.

"We have eliminated the ashtrays already," said McGee, "We haven't put the signs up yet."

McGee says he's waiting to put up his signs till Saturday night but, "It's up to us as restaurant owners and managers to educate our employees as to what is legal and not legal. You can be fined as so can the person smoking if you allow them to smoke on your premises," said McGee.

"We sent out 750 of these packets in March. In it we included many things including a frequently asked questions brochure," said Susan Guthrie, Communications, City of Tyler.

The city sent information, signs, and a copy of the ordinance to all businesses.

"In order to be in compliance with the ordinance business owners need to post signs at every entrance to their business. They also need to post the 443 which is found on the website and in the packet," said Guthrie.

"I'm going to post a copy to the bulletin board where the employees look to their schedules and things," said McGee, "Other things we have done. We have gone over it with the employees to tell them just what to expect come Sunday, what they are going to have to do and not do what we can and can't do and how to deal with customers."

And those customers must also comply.

"For a citizen to comply they just need to not smoke in a public places or places of employment and they should not smoke within 20 feet of a door, window, ventilation system," said Guthrie.

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Danielle Capper, Reporting.