ET Saberkat Tryouts

They're almost a year away from their first game, but Saturday, the ladies will take the field for the first time.

The East Texas Saberkats, a franchise in the National Women's Football Association, will hold their first open tryouts Saturday in Marshall.

"The response was overwhelming," general manager Kirkland Trammer said. "I get a lot of 'I'm not in shape', or 'I'm not big enough or strong enough.' I just tell them to come out. the first forty ladies that show up will automatically make the team. We'll work with you and get you the right skills."

Press Release:

The National Women's Football Association has announced that tryouts have been scheduled for the Marshall, TX. expansion for 2009. The new team is named the East Texas Saberkats.

Tryouts will be held at William B. Travis School (300 West Carroline In Marshall) on May 31, at 10am and on June 7 at 11am.

Some Info on Tryouts and the NWFA:

There is a one time tryout fee. You have to be at least 18. You have to have your own health insurance. The players don't get paid...yet. The drills for tryouts will be stretches, running/agility, walk through plays. There will be no physical contact during tryouts. They are a lot of fun....everyone is nervous!!

Most of the ladies that try out have never played football before. The tryouts usually last 2-3 hours, depending on how many show up. Be sure to bring some water to drink and a towel for wiping off. Also wear comfortable clothes and cleats if you have them.

The season starts in April and ends in July, The games are on Saturday night.

There are 8 games. You play 4 home and 4 away. We keep the teams in an 8-hour radius. You practice on Weeknights (1-2 nights per week) and on Saturday...depending on how close you are to the season. We have several Grandmothers playing on some of the teams. The average age is 34.

For additional information on the Saberkats, please email Kirkland Trammer Team Owner, at or call (979) 204-3916.

The NWFA kicked off its 8th season on April 19th with 35 teams competing from coast to coast.

For additional information on the National Women's Football Association, please visit our global website at or call the league office at 615-860-4084.