Nacogdoches Gas Station Closes Due To High Gas Prices

The prices at the pump are driving more and more local stores out of business.

Logansport Food Mart in Nacogdoches has been in business, and independently owned, for 20 years. For the first time in those two decades, the Sands family has had to put paper bags over the pump nozzles, and stop selling gas.

Now the business will depend on profits from food sales and food from a hot grill to fill the cash register.

Lisa Sands says that the profits from gas sales just aren't worth it.

"A thousand gallons of unleaded is close to $4,000. If I spent $4,000 inside the store it would bring me back quite a bit of profit. $4,000 out here on the gas pumps, I might make $50 off of it after the fees and so forth. It's not there."

While some independents are shutting down, other big companies are opening up. This week, Kroger in Nacogdoches opened up their pumps. The grocery chain is offereng discounts at the pump if you purchase at least a hundred dollars worth of groceries there during the month.

Cathryn Khalil /