A Better East Texas: Constable Henry Jackson indictment

Smith County Precinct one Constable Henry Jackson has been indicted by a grand jury and is awaiting trial on ten different charges.  I am absolutely a believer in innocent until proven guilty, but Constable Jackson should resign.

As a condition of his bond, he cannot carry a firearm.  This potentially puts him and the citizens of precinct one in jeopardy.  Constable Jackson cannot perform his job duties effectively - period.  He should see this and his constituents should see this.  The Smith County Commissioners court's hands are tied since Constable Jackson is an elected official.  And to make matters worse, he is running unopposed in the November election.

This is a messy situation but one that can be at least partially remedied if Henry Jackson were to step down.  Doing the right thing is painful at times but, in the long run, it proves honorable and best for all involved.  And in this case it has a direct impact on the safety of the citizens of Smith County.

Thank you for your years of service Constable Jackson, it is time to step down.