Trane Employees Say Yes to New Contract

The employees of Trane came out again to the polls Sunday. They've been working under a three week extension of the previous contract since voting down the new proposal June thirteenth. Many came out to see the contract changes for the first time.

"I'm looking for a lot of changes," says Tarodney Wallace. "you know, in order for my vote to change, it'd have to be a lot of changes."

"I got a family and I'm looking to better my future," says Laquecia Newsom. "And I can't do it with two dollars over four years."

The new proposed contract included a twelve hundred and fifty dollar wage advance, medical insurance caps, and an annual safety shoe allowance.  In the end, the employees voted overwhelmingly to approve the new contract.  Over 82 percent of the voters decided to take the new deal. Even the voters who had reservations still supported the vote.  I feel like they could have done better," says Michael Gage. "But we need to work on trying to get something better in the next four years.  "They've backed us all these years on everything," says Michael Vickers.  "And we need to pull together at a time like this. All union members. Everybody vote as one."

Both Trane and the union are satisfied with the contract, which takes effect immediately and is retroactive to June 14th, the date the previous contract expired. The contract ensures that Trane's labor will run smoothly for the next four years.