Home Repaired By Good Hearted Workers

Though scammed by a contractor, a Longview woman is having her home repaired, through the goodness of workers.

Merry Leake's home was damaged by a tornado in March, and her insurance company notified her that repairs had to be made by end of May or loose her insurance. Hiring a contractor on short notice, the nightmare began.

"The contractor kept coming back wanting more money, he hadn't paid the workers they hadn't seen a dime. Then the contractor left , they stayed" says Leake.

On their own, two workers decided they would not leave a job half done. They've worked on Leake's home for 3 weeks with no pay.

"It was really important to finish the job because of what she'd been through" says Longview worker Penny Barryer.

"I was angry about the money but, I knew she was depending on us and I couldn't let her down" says Bossier City worker Duane Nelson.

Nelson has been living in his car in Longview, while working on the home, and won't leave.

"If nobody else would have done this for her , it wouldn't have gotten done" Nelson says.

"Everyday they tell me it's not about the money, I'm absolutely overwhelmed, humbled"  Leake says.

Doing the backbreaking work of roofing and clearing debris, they have no complaints.

"I love these gentlemen , they're members of my family now. They're my heroes" says Leake.

The independent contractor who skipped out on Leake has still not been located. Leake's home is expected to be repaired by the insurance deadline of May 31st.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com