Four Rescued From Sabine River In Middle Of Night

"This is where they put in right near Highway 69.  They did their float. The were right in this area when we made contact with them," said Game Warden Kurt Kelley, pointing to the map near County Road 2768.

A Mom, Dad, their son and a friend's Memorial Day trip began around 2:00 pm Monday when they decided to float the river.

"They apparently got lost about 8 or 8:30 when it started getting dark. They had no light, and got out of boat and started walking. [They] walked about two, two and a half hours," said Kelley.

Finally, they got a cell phone signal and called for help. Within minutes rescue teams arrived.

"We gathered up here at the fire station, brought 4 wheelers and everything. Of course we talked to the game warden," said David Madson, Mineola Fire Marshal.

"Through everything, we were able to contact the local company to get GPS coordinates of were those people were at," said Kelley.

With that location and the Air one helicopter the search and rescue really began.

"They directed us by the direction our lights were. Our pilot had it situated where they knew which way our lights were pointed," said Charlie Meyer, Air One Flight Paramedic, "They lead us to them. With radio communication...we were able to land and pick them up and take them to a remote area."

The search ended after three hours and authorities say it could have been much worse.

"It was a good thing we found them. Nighttime searches don't always turn out that way," said Meyer.

"The cell phone - that gave us an area to start looking and the big thing was the two pilots we had with the helicopter. Had we not had those two guys we would probably still be looking for them today," Kelley.

All four rescued were checked out on the scene by EMS and had no injuries.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.