16 Cars Crash in 6 Different Wrecks on I-20

A chain reaction of wrecks in the pouring rain backed-up drivers for miles along Interstate 20 Friday afternoon.

One driver that went sailing across westbound traffic on the slick highway according to troopers started the multi-car, multi-wreck pile-up.

Some drivers say they slammed on their breaks, others tried to slow-down to avoid subsequent crashes, but were unsuccessful.

Troopers say some drivers didn't observe the first wreck, so others quickly ensued.

"It was pretty scary, especially since we were in a bad wreck about four months ago," says Jamie McClanahan, involved in the crash.

In the end there were six wrecks, involving 16 cars and trucks stretching along 20 from Highway 110 to Hide-A-Way Lake.

Victims in the pile-up describe I-20 in Smith County Friday as a complete mess.

"They hit us here and another hit us there and I don't remember," says Vicki Cotton, also involved in the crash. "I was in a daze by that time and I don't remember, by that time I was in a daze. Everybody was in a daze."

Immediately following the crashes, troopers were forced to shut traffic down to one lane on I-20 for about a half mile stretch while they investigated and cleared the scene. Several drivers were ticketed. Only one person was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.