Attack Ads Annoy East Texans

The start has come early. it's a back and forth tit for tat, and the negative ads in the race for Governor have popped up everywhere.

"All it does is infuriate people more when they hear these type things," says one voter.

"You have to weed through everything to see what's important to you," adds another.

The feelings of many we spoke with is disgust but David Ligon,  government professor at Tyler Junior College says there's no going back.

"If they put out positive ads, it would help them very much, but if either one goes negative, the other pretty much has to." Ligon says.

"I wish they'd spend money on things that we need in Texas than badmouthing each other," says one voter.

"They turn people off, but the reason why we have negative campaigning is that it does seem to work," Ligon says.   That is, unless the mudslinging gets too frequent and too nasty. "The people doing negative ads turn enough people off that they end up losing votes."

Where is that line where negative ads take a toll on the one slinging that mud? More than four months are left to find out.

"I'm afraid i might not let my grandkids see the ads at that point in time," says a voter.

"They won't know who to look up to anymore if they can't trust the people that are supposed to be leading us," says another.

Ligon says it's trial by fire this year... and for texans to choose a leader... the voters will have to endure.