A Better East Texas:Longview Taxpayers

Recently, the taxpayers in Longview voted to pass a bond proposal for 266 million dollars in school improvements.

The improvements are long overdue and will help Longview in attracting businesses and families committed to giving their children a great education.  But what I really wanted to point out today is the real truth that your vote counts.  Your vote counts!  Of the more than 3-thousand votes cast in this bond election, 14 votes were the difference in the bond passing.  Fourteen votes - one-half of one percent made the difference.

I suspect that Longview residents probably know of 14 people that did not vote for one reason or another regardless of what side of this issue they were on.  Let this be a lesson to us all that our votes do count.  So now, before the hectic pace of the general election this fall picks up, make sure you're registered to vote, learn about the issues and about those running for political office, and then follow through and vote.

To be able to voice your opinion through your vote is priceless or in the case of the Longview school bond, it is worth 266-million dollars.