East Texas Veterans Remember Their Service

On this Memorial Day weekend, veterans old and young are remembering their service to this country.  East Texans who stepped up when our country needed them the most.

"We're just ordinary men, but we've never failed to go when the country's called," said one Longview World War II Veteran.

"The squad I was in there was 120 on the boat, and there was eight of us got there two of us was still running," said a World War II Normandy survivor.

"It's not about bravery, it's just something that you automatically do," said Persian Gulf Veteran Eric Cook.  "It's about protecting the guy to your right, to your left and behind you."  They fought in far off places like the Ardennes, the Coral Sea, the Mekong Delta and Fallujah.

"After the Japanese attack, all these men wanting to get even with Pearl Harbor, I mean where is he let me at him," said U.S. Army World War II Burma Veteran Douglas Elzey.

"We were under attack, and I grabbed my wounded shipmate, and I put my arm around him and I held him there, and I told him Chris, I'm going to get you back on the boat," said U.S. Navy Iraq Veteran.  "You'll be ok, but in minutes he was gone."

"I think the medivacs were the worst," said U.S. Marine Vietnam Veteran.  "You've got a corpsman in the belly of the plane, and I'm trying to hammer them to get to keep them off of him while he's trying to load the wounded and these guys are begging him not to let them die."

"Patriotism is the will to want to serve, to protect your nation, and I believe it's always gonna be like that" said Cook.  One veteran said the only reason the United States is still here is because somewhere some young kid was willing to stand up and say, I'll go I'll defend us.

Some of the world war two veterans in this story have since passed away. They're families wanted us to remember them and all veterans on this Memorial Day weekend.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com