Proud Of East Texas: Shake, Rattle & Roll

A group of East Texas women are becoming famous bringing back the sounds of the fifties and sixties in music.  They call themselves "Shake, Rattle & Roll" and with their tight harmony and poodle skirts, they are taking the stage by storm.  The group recently won the biggest "Do Whop" contest in the world, held in Las Vegas.  Their win netted them a recording contest and the position of opening act for stars.

Tavey Spivey, recently retired from a military career, founded the group which consists of her sister, Leann Bemis of Longview, Kathy Suttonr of Tyler and Brenda Spencer of Henderson. Whether the group is invoking memories of the past, or introducing a new sound to the younger generation, "Shake, Rattle & Roll" is bringing back that simpler time of hula hoops and poodle skirts with their music of the fifties and sixties.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.