Apache Golf Claims 7th National Championship

Another year, another trophy for the national championship case at Tyler Junior College.

This year, it's the men's golf team bringing home the crown.

"It feels great," sophomore marc Rice said. "With all the work we've put in to get to nationals, it's great fun to bring that trophy back for Coach Terry."

TJC last won the title in 2003, they were leading the next year when they fell victim to food poisoning. This year, they lead from the first round.

"That year we had it won and got food poisoning," Head Coach Terry said. "Then we had a third place, and some other finishes, and I was beginning to think we'd never win another one. This is great, they're a great group of guys."

"We might not have the most talent," freshman Blaine Weiterman said, "but we do have a lot of heart. You just have to keep grinding out there."

With the win, TJC's men's team has won seven titles since 1994.

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