Lobo Community Raises Funds For Injured Player

The Longview Lobos took to the field in their spring game Friday night without a popular player.

D'Mio Ingram remains at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas for rehabilitation after suffering a spine injury in practice two weeks ago.

His lobo family was doing what they could to help him Friday night.

At the spring game, donations were collected for D'Mio's medical bills. Fans wore green ribbons to honor him.

Coach John King presented D'Mio's mother with a $3,000 donation from the coaches association.

D'Mio's mother, Stefanie Woodberry, said her son continues to improve and had a message of encouragement for the teammates supporting him.

"He's saddened that he can't be here," Stefanie said, "but he made a video for the boys and he told them 'no slacking, everybody keep going.' I remember one of the things he said was, 'Just because I'm like this right now, don't slack. Get out there and get to work and let's get it together for the future games to come.'"

As for his condition, Stefanie said D'Mio continues to get stronger.

"He has lifted up forks, he's answering his telephone. He is swinging his body to the side of the bed so he can get up and he actually stood up. He still gets kind of light-headed when he stands but besides that D'Mio has made so much progress. Even the people at Baylor are like in shock."

Stefanie said the hospital has given them a release date of June 13th.

If you would like to help his family you can make a donation to the D'Mio Ingram Fund at the East Texas Professional Credit Union.