Constable Jackson Arrested For 10 Indictments

They were watching and waiting for the warrants to be issued for Smith County Constable Henry Jackson.

"We had private security bureau who were involved with the investigation standing by and waiting for those warrants to be issued," said Trooper Jean Dark of the Department of Public Safety.

Those security officers followed Constable Jackson on Highway 64 in Canton.  At one point a security officer said he was driving nearly 100 mph.

"He was in traffic and they had a marked unit make the stop," said Trooper Dark.

Jackson complied without incident and was arrested.

"He was in his Constable vehicle (in uniform) with his wife and our troopers initiated a felony stop on him at that time," said Trooper Dark.

The Smith County grand jury returned 10 indictments against Jackson.

Three counts of official oppression, which in this case are for sexual harassment alleged by three different individuals. Also seven charges of tampering with a governmental record.

"The indictments allege he submitted applications to the state for people to become security officers and that there was false information in those applications," said Special Prosecutor Tonda Curry.

As an elected official, he still holds his office for now.

"The election in March was a primary election, so he would have to survive a general election in November. The term that he is currently serving expires in December unless re-elected in November," said Curry.

Because of the indictment, however, it is now a federal violation for him to have a firearm.

In order to remove an elected official from office, the law says a petition must be filed with a district judge. Tonda Curry, the special prosecutor says Judge Jack Skeen may hire another special prosecutor to file that motion.

"As a law enforcement officer that makes these [charges] that much more egregious," said Curry. "He himself is committing violations. It's a double standard the citizens of the precinct just don't deserve."

Danielle Capper, Reporting.