One Little Boy's Greatest Wish Comes True

If there's one thing 7-year-old Christian Bullard likes, it's race cars.

And there's one reason why.

"They're fast," he said.

And if Christian had his choice of driver's, he said he knows which one he'd pick: Jeff Gordon.

"He drives fast."

That's why the Make A Wish Foundation of Northeast Texas granted Christian's wish and surprised him with a trip to meet his favorite race car driver, Jeff Gordon.

Christian's mom said he has struggled with a life threatening kidney disorder since before he was born.

"I was about 14 weeks pregnant when I was informed he had kidney problems, " said Christina Meadows.

She said, right now, Christian's condition is stable. But at any point and time in his life, that could change.

He's traveled back and forth to Dallas for treatment and takes eight different medications a day for a his condition.

That was reason enough for Make A Wish to step in and make this little boy's dream come true.

"These kids have to go through so many ordeals that this is the one day that they can forget completely about this illness," said Beth McDonald, a volunteer with the foundation.

Soon Little Christian will get to meet his hero.   Christian and his family leave June 4 to meet "The Kid" at the Pocono 500.  There, Gordon and his crew will welcome him to the pit, and Christian will get up close and personal with the number 24 car.

When he growsup, Christian said he wants to be a race car driver.  Thursday, he was just happy living the dream.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.