East Texas Soldier Home From Iraq Surprises Father

They haven't seen him since Thanksgiving, and he wasn't supposed to come home until September, but one East Texas soldier decided today would be better.  His father, however, had no idea.  It will be one memory on this Memorial Weekend this father and son will never forget.

KLTV walked into Don's TV and Appliances in Tyler, Thursday afternoon to interview an East Texas veteran about the importance of Memorial Day, or at least that's what Robert Moses who works there thought we were doing.  Little did he know, his son Private First Class Jared Moses, just home from Iraq was sneaking up behind him, with the surprise of a lifetime.

"I'm so glad to see you," said Jared's father Robert Moses.  "You've lost weight."  Jared and his mother knew Jared was coming home Thursday for more than two months, but thought, hey, let's have some fun with dad.

"I was itching just to say something," said Jared.

"They pull this stuff on me all the time, and I'll tell you what, for as big of a guy as I am, that is as fast I've ever moved in the past 15, or 20 years," said Robert.  Tears, laughter and lots of hugs, all you had to do was look at Robert's face and know he is one proud father.

"I am absolutely speechless," said Robert.  "I am so proud of this young man, my son for what he is doing for our country."

"It was hard for me not to tear up, but it's good to see the family again, and that's why I did it, to surprise my dad, hoping he wouldn't have a heart attack," said Jared.  No heat attack here, but I'm sure his heart was beating pretty fast.

Jared will be home until June 10th and says he plans to do some fishing.  His dad says it doesn't matter what they do as long as it's together.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com