Cold Case; 1 Year After Murder, Family Wants Answers

The brutal murder of 19 year old Brittany McGlone May 2007 is still unsolved.

Last year, I sat around this same table listening to Brittany's family members tell about the light, that was taken from them

"She was very precious girl. Very precious to me," said Hazel Bumpous, Brittany's grandmother, "Brittany didn't have a choice. It was taken from her. It was not right. Not right at all. Our family has been through hell. My grandsons are angry."

Thursday Brittany's family invited me to their home to talk about the past year, and what they are doing now.

"It's been the most horrible year of my life and I want to do something to find this person," said Hazel.

Hazel has set up a reward fund at First National Bank started with her own money to help find Brittany's killer. She is asking the city and area businesses for help.

"To match my donation. I don't care if they can't give but a penny. Anything that they can give will be greatly appreciated," said Hazel.

She says she's doing this all because Brittany deserves justice.

"That's what I want. I want the right person found," said Hazel.

Now the Sheriff's department told me they do have suspects who they can't name yet but they are waiting on evidence, DNA evidence before they can make any arrests and get some answers for the family.

"We need closure. Our family needs closure to find the right person and get him off the street," said Hazel.

But even if this helps put Brittany's killer away, Hazel says their pain will never be erased.

"There is one pretty big picture in there. Her eyes are so bright. I know that they are not like that anymore," said Hazel.

If you would like to help contribute to the reward fund for Brittany you can contact First National Bank Winnsboro (903) 342-5275.

Danielle Capper, Reporting