City Engineer To Study What Residents Call A Death Trap

A Tyler business owner said she's sick of calling 911 because of all the car accidents outside her shop. The busy intersection is located along Old Jacksonville Road, where Old Bullard, College, and Ninth Avenue feed in. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane has been investigating this and questions the city about what many are calling a death trap.

The sound is terrifying, just the metal crashing together," said Debbe Davis, owner of My Sisters Room consignment shop.

In her 14 years there, Davis said she's responded to countless wrecks. The most recent was last Friday.

"It sounded just like a freight train and three cars," said Davis.  "An elderly lady, they had to take her to the hospital on a stretcher."

"It sounds terrifying, just screeching tires and metal hitting together," said Wendy Berres, who said a signal needs to be installed.

Residents say it's a matter of time before there is a fatal accident. Thursday, the city engineer came out. He said a traffic light could cause more problems by congesting Broadway Avenue, but he said there are other options.

"As you can see it is a very busy intersection," said Carter Delleney, City Engineer for Tyler.  "Down the road we have the flashing beacons, as far as the yellow and red lights, and that is another option."

Police records show there were 11 wrecks at the intersection last year. So far this year, 6 wrecks and Davis said many more have gone unreported. Tyler police said most of them could easily be prevented.

"When you come out and cross Old Jacksonville Road if you're at the stop sign, then you need to be careful and judge other people's speed," said Officer Don Martin, with the Tyler Police Department.

Police said a lot of drivers take the route to avoid Broadway.

"They get in that secondary road and traffic gets backed up and all of a sudden they start sliding cause they're going a little too fast and then we have a wreck," said Martin.

Officers remind drivers to remain patient behind the wheel, but for residents and business owners...

"It's just a nightmare," said Davis.

They'll keep fighting for extra enforcement.

"A traffic light, more stop signs, caution light, something needs to be done, it's scary," said Davis.

Delleney said because of these complaints they will do a study. But they have to do it while school is in session, so it will be September before that happens.

Courtney Lane, Reporting