Norman Rockwell's Legacy on Display

Norman Rockwell's snapshots of America. They're picture postcards for Americans' lives during the twentieth century.

Some are serious, some funny, some patriotic... and some are poignant.

An example is a World War II poster that says "Freedom from Fear"... more significant after this past year.

Ken Tomio is the curator and he says Rockwell was unique for the time. The Saturday Evening Post covers were a window on the world of that day.

"He was a very meticulous artist, and working in the 20th century that was important because many artists went abstract. And, he went to realism... he's very good at capturing those moments and painting those moments."

They're moments that remind each of us about a certain time in our own lives.

"We have to go back in memory and with memory's eye, [relive] our own experience in the past."

This collection is unique.  All these works haven't been together in an exhibition like this, and they won't be again. Some are privately held, others are in museums elsewhere... but they'll all be headed back to their owners come September 1st.