Police Investigate Possible Terroristic Emails To City Government

He has run for Tyler mayor and city council and now, he could face charges of making a terroristic threat. Police are investigating emails sent by Larry Meckley to several Tyler City Council members and the City Manager. KLTV 7's Tracy Watler obtained a copy of those emails and sat down with man who sent them, who says this is all a big misunderstanding.

They're three emails, each not more than a paragraph long, but Tyler Police say they could be deemed "terroristic."

"By the nature and the words used in the emails it brought a great deal of concern not only to the ones receiving them, but also to us, you know in this day and time where people are attacked at city council meetings," says Police Chief Gary Swindle.

One of the emails sent to Tyler's City Manager reads, "you have inflicted emotional distress upon me and you are responsible for my actions from this time forward. A person can only take so much. I do not know the law and I can only tell you that you went too far."

Meckley says what prompted him to send the emails was a front-page article from the Tyler Paper back on May 15, which states Mayor Seeber and Councilman Alworth were joking about how much they had defeated Meckley in past elections.

Another email to Councilman Nathaniel Moran reads, "the paper says you all laughed at me and made fun of me. This is what causes school kids to take guns to school and shoot people. I am really hurting."

"They're scary and actually the citizens that received it, the city councilmen, the City Manager, they were offended and scared by these actions," Swindle goes on to say.

City Manager Bob Turner told us the wording in the emails was different than previous ones he'd received from Meckley - these were threatening.

"I had no intention of hurting or harming anybody, just telling them what I thought about what they did was wrong and I feel that if man can't forgive man, how can God forgive man? So I'm asking for their forgiveness," Larry Meckley explains.

He tell us he feels the council is doing this as payback because he's been critical of them in the past.

"The only thing I would have continued was if they made an issue of something that I didn't think was good for the city, I maybe would have complained like I would have in the past but nothing other than that," he says.

For now, the emails remain under investigation. As for Meckley, he says he's done with city government.

If charges are filed, Meckley could face a Class A Misdemeanor for making a terroristic threat. He is not allowed to go to city hall during this investigation.

Tracy Watler, Reporting tracy@kltv.com