Wii Try The New Wii-Fit System!

A popular video game console has created a new gadget that is designed to keep you moving and now, it's on sale at east Texas stores.

Fitness and video games usually don't go together, but the new Wii-Fit system is changing that. Nintendo's new Wii-Fit, available today, combines fun and fitness in ways that will have people getting up off their couches, moving around, having fun and maybe even breaking a sweat.

"Actually we've seen a lot of moms coming in the store getting the Wii Fitness - kind of getting the kids off the couch and not being couch potatoes anymore," says Tyler Circuit City manager Brandon Blear.

Wii-Fit combines a Wii balance board which senses weight, shifts in movement and balance, and forces the user to get up and move.   Among the workout choices are numerous activities including hoola hoop, soccer, downhill skiing and yoga. Many test your agility and balance.

"It makes it fun. It's a game - it's not just requiring you to go to a gym," says Blear.

It also tells you what you're doing wrong. Wii-Fit even tracks users' progress, which lets people see how they have improved while challenging them to better their scores and stay motivated to keep going.

The Wii-Fit balance board is available at Circuit City and Best Buy, and retails for around $90.

Bob Hallmark reporting / bhallmark@kltv.com