Mother Testifies In Severe Child Injury Case

Before the children's mother took the stand, the prosecution acknowledged who she was and the reality that was her parenting skills.

"Saysha Becks will never, never, never be mother of the year. Saysha Becks no longer has those children. She made numerous decisions where she chose him over them," said Assistant District Attorney Joe Murphy in opening arguments.

Saysha Becks, the twins mother, testified about that day last September when her daughter suffered severe head injuries.

Saysha said Delbert Kincade, who she believed was the twins father, lived with her off and on, and that he helped her care for the children.

She said on September 14, after dinner, Delbert helped her bathe the children. She then went to load their car seats and left him in the apartment alone with the twins. When she returned she saw Delbert throw one of the babies on the couch, who then fell to the floor and began having a seizure.

"After he threw her on the couch, you saw her fall to the floor. What did you do?," asked Assistant District Attorney Joe Murphy. "Started to walk really fast over to her," said Saysha.

"What did he do to you?," asked Murphy. "He kicked me in the side and he said if you tell anybody about this you will be going to your own funeral," said Saysha.

Saysha testified that Kincade had a history of being violent, and that she lied to the authorities at first because she was afraid. But she says, the truth eventually came out on September 29th.

"Did you tell [the investigator] the truth?," asked Murphy.

"Yes sir," said Saysha. "Why did it take you so long?," asked Murphy. "I'm not sure. I was afraid," replied Saysha.

"You were afraid of what?," asked Murphy. "Upsetting Mr. Kincade if he found out I had told the truth," said Saysha.

"Did you know the defendant to be violent?," asked Murphy. "Yes sir," said Saysha.

A nurse also testified Tuesday. She said that the little girl's severe head trauma and bruises almost cost her her life. She also said the little girl was very lucky to be alive.

Wednesday, doctors who helped treat the little girl will take the stand to discuss the severe brain injuries she will deal with forever.

Danielle Capper, Reporting