Students, Teachers Remember Student As Fun-Loving

He was 16 years old, and a sophomore at Pittsburg High School. Tuesday, family, friends, fellow students and teachers remembered his life.

Trevor Burling was accidentally shot in the head last Thursday night while over at a friend's house.  KTLV 7's Tracy Watler was invited to the school and spoke with students and teachers who all described him as the life of the party.


There's silence in the auditorium of Pittsburg High School, but at Tuesday night's Spring Concert, it will be filled with music. One chair will remain empty.

"We always try to build a family-like atmosphere with the band and one of our family members has passed away and it's never easy," says PHS Band Director Jason Steele.

Steele taught Trevor the tuba for the past four years.

"He was the kind of kid that you wanted in your class," he adds.

Tenth-grader April Coffman says Trevor was one of her best friends--the kind of friend you could really count on.

"No matter what, I could come to him and with anything I needed and he always had advice to give me that always helped and if I was down, he would always cheer me up," she said, while wiping away her tears.

They say Trevor was a true goofball at heart.

"Always made the teachers and students laugh," says student Trevor Pafford.

"He just did the craziest stuff just to make you laugh," says tenth-grader Morgan Hutchison.

"[He] could always make you laugh," adds Mr. Steele.

Even photos of Trevor taped up around school show off his personality.

"He just had this effect on people that just made him so happy," Morgan says.

And it seems the only thing getting this high school through the pain is knowing Trevor is in a better place.

"I'll see him at the gates," Morgan cries.

And, knowing his smile will be right there waiting.

"It just comes into my mind every time I think about him," April says with a smile of her own.

Students at Pittsburg High School were let out at two o'clock Tuesday so they could attend Trevor's funeral.

Tracy Watler, Reporting