East Texas Senior Kidnapped, Left In Abandoned Well

A 62 year old Gun Barrel City woman was rescued from an abandoned well on Friday, after being left there by a man who kidnapped her and stole her car.

Friday afternoon around 5:00 pm, Shirley Shafer's daughter, Cheryl Adams, reported that her mother was missing, along with her mom's vehicle, after she was unable to locate Shafer at her home.

After Adams checked her mom's answering machine, she discovered that the vehicle had been pulled over on US 175 earlier that evening for reckless driving by the Seagoville Police Department. The car had been impounded pending contact with the registered owner, and the two occupants of the car had been released while the case had been investigated.

After Adams reported her mother missing to police, family members gathered at Shafer's home to search for her. Eventually, Mrs. Shafer was found in an abandoned well, about 20 feet deep, where she had been left by her kidnappers.

She was rescued from the well by the Gun Barrel City Fire Department and transported to ETMC for non life-threatening injuries.

Around 9:30 pm the same night (Friday), Joshua James Cannon, 18, of Bonita Point Addition, was arrested for the crime.

Cannon is a registered sex offender, and was charged in 2001 for lewd/lascivious behavior with a five year old girl. Cannon was 11 at the time of the sex offense.

He is currently in the Henderson County Jail, on bonds totalling $17,500. The second person in the car was a juvenile, and wasn't charged.

Cathryn Khalil / ckhalil@kltv.com