HSA Breaks Ground On Multi-Million Dollar Facilities

Almost two years ago KLTV brought you the story of the Henderson Soccer Association, a group in need of a good home field.

Teams in the association were playing games on what once was the Rusk County Auction Barn. A piece of land with grass running wild, an abandoned trailer and scattered old equipment.

That was in June 2006.

Monday night, the Henderson Soccer Association broke ground on a new, multiple field site, that will rival some of the best in the state.

The price tag is between $7 million and $8 million and is being picked up mostly through donations and grants.

The HSA President said it will not only give the current kids playing in the league a sense of pride, but the new fields will stand in Henderson for decades to come.

"Right now we're playing on an old cow pasture," president Denny Eby said. "We're going to put (the kids) on a top quality field to be able to compete with the best of kids out of Dallas. The greatest thing is that my daughter, when she grows up and coaches kids, she can have her kids out here playing and I look forward to that."

The Henderson Soccer Association hopes to begin using the new fields in September.