To Spank Or Not To Spank?

Laura Roberts is a mother of two, she says spanking her children is the last resort for bad behavior. But, that wasn't the case when she was growing up with her father, "With the first group of children he spanked quite a bit and my siblings had bad feelings about that," she tells. "Just because they were spanked on the whim."

The argument over whether spankings are good or bad has been revived by Psychologist, Elizabeth Gershoff. After five years of studying, she links spanking with 10 negatives for children including: aggression, being anti-social, chronically defiant and even mental problems. Gershoff urges parents to re-evaluate their belief that it's ok to hit children.

"This psychologist your talking about, does she have children?" Roberts wonders. "Cause it changes! Your views and everything change when you do have children."

We spoke with about ten East Texas parents, all who felt the occasional spanking they received as a child was necessary and okay, "Because I really cared about my parents," Dana Wade explains. "It really hurt me to see them upset more than it hurt me to get the spanking."

While the results aren't scientific most parents say there's a difference between spanking and hitting.

"We don't use our hand," says Wade. "We use a news paper because it makes a noise. My husband can rattle the newspaper and our son understands he's got to stop what he's doing."

Right now there's a difference between what the study says and what some parents are doing.