Son Of Elderly Murdered Couple Talks To KLTV 7 About Arrest

For Bill Winningham, the son of Neil and June Killingsworth, the arrest of the man who allegedly killed his parents brings some relief.

"It's senseless that this could have happened to someone like them. We'll never get over it but it's getting a little better with this guy being caught. We were very happy that the Gregg County Sheriff's Department made an arrest and got Birdwell, who was was pretty dangerous off the streets where he can't hurt anyone else," said Winningham.

The arrest warrant affidavit obtained from the Gregg County Justice of the Peace says, "An electronic debit in the amount of $361.53 was processed at the Auto Zone located at West Marshall Avenue in Longview on April 18, 2008 at 7:50pm."  That was the same day the Killingsworths were murdered.

The arrest warrant goes on to say on, "Saturday April 19, 2008 an employee of the Auto Zone at 2301 Gilmer Road refunded $361.53 to a white male for two clutch sets purchased on April 18th."

An employee at the Gilmer Road Auto Zone identified Birdwell in a photography line-up as the man refunded the money.

For the Killingsworth's son, he says forgiving Birdwell isn't an option."I know my parents would probably forgive him in a minute but not me. I'm not as good of people as they were. I don't think I'll ever get to that point," said Winningham.

The couple's neighbors, Audrey and Jessie Pace, tell KLTV 7 that while they are glad Birdwell is finally behind bars, just knowing something like this can happen where they live is disturbing.

"It makes you feel a little bit better knowing that Birdwell was arrested but there's still a lot of crazy people out there. You still want to lock your doors at night. You've got to make sure your doors are always secured. I used to leave them open but I won't do that anymore, because it hit to close to home," said Pace.

Bill Winningham says he wants to thank the countless East Texans who have been so generous with their thoughts and prayers for the Killingsworth family.

As for Brett Birdwell, he is in the Gregg County Jail on capital murder charges with a $1 million dollar bond.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting