Abandoned Cats And Dogs Need Your Help

"Oh my goodness, you're hungry aren't you, dog," said Rosemarie Shannon.

Last Friday, Rosemarie, who works with the Country Ladies Rescue, got a phone call for help.

"I found four puppies with a mom and two other dogs," she said of the home she visited last week.

Wesley Mohr, the owner of the animals, was found dead in his house last Tuesday.

His family in New Mexico wants nothing to do with his property, and a neighbor is handling all his affairs - including the at least seven dogs and numerous cats we couldn't even count.

"[There is] an adult over here and over there. Probably a dozen kittens," said Rosemarie.

"Saturday when I was here there were four puppies, today there are two. So it may be coyotes, the mother may have taken the animals off in to the woods and gotten lost, or they could have been snake bitten. The puppies are only about four weeks old. We need help - we just need help in trying to get this done."

Rosemarie has gone to the house twice to give the animals food and water.

"They are sweet dogs. Very sweet dogs. They would be very good pets."

Country Rescue Ladies has placed over 500 animals in good homes in the last few years, and she wants to find these animals homes instead of them being put down at a local shelter.

"What life do they have ahead of them without someone taking care of them? We are hoping shelters or other rescue organizations will come help them. I would take them all in a heartbeat but my rescue is filled to the brim," said Rosemarie.

So, she's hoping more help will come soon for these animals to find a new home. If you would like to help we've set up a link to her organization. Just click on the link to the right under the pictures titled 'Country Ladies Rescue'.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com