The Big Switch Explained

By now I'm sure you've heard that on February 17th 2009 television will go through the largest change in history. Actually by now you may be tired of hearing about the "digital transition". Believe me, I understand. And I want to take this time to explain why you are hearing about this in such great detail.

This is a government mandated project that by law requires stations across the country including KLTV to air a specific amount of promotional announcements and crawls on your T.V. screen per week. All stations are then required to report these airings to the FCC or face very serious fines.

While I understand it is frustrating, it's also important because of the confusion this transition has created. At KLTV we still get dozens of calls a week from viewers with questions. It's our responsibility and our commitment to provide everyone with answers. We hope you will bare with us as we go through this with you. If you need or want to know more about the DTV transition just log onto and click on The Big Switch.