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Tyler - 5/18/2008

Power of Prayer: Loretta Rodriquez

It had been 16 years since their first, admittedly unsuccesful ski trip. This time Danny and Loretta Rodriquez were headed back to the mountain as a pastor and wife leading a youth group.  But the first trip up the mountain would be the last.  Loretta got tangled coming off the chair lift.

Danny Rodriquez "She wasn't very happy with me," remembers Danny Rodriquez,  "I had assured her this was going to be a great trip."

The staff x-ray'd her knee. Nothing was broken. But when Loretta came back home to Palestine her knee was in constant pain. More than one doctor would diagnos a torn ACL. An MRI would confirm that... A body of medical evidence that lead doctors to believe surgery was the only answer.  The night before that that surgery, Danny who is pastor at the non-denominational Palestine Church called his congregation to pray.

"We just in a sense took prayer requests and began to pray over those," says Danny. "But very specifically for Lorretta and her surgery the next day and really in all honestly prayed that the doctors would be astonished."

"I want to pray that you won't even have to have surgery," remebers Loretta Rodriquez of the prayer of one congregation member.  "That I believe in God that you will have a miracle and you won' t even require surgery."

"It was so exciting because the people began to pray in faith that something would happen," says Danny.

Tyler Orthopedist Dr. James Harris was planning to repair Loretta's knee. But during a pre-exam before surgery he began to notice something different. He would delay surgery and would quickly "scope" her knee. He found a perfectly sound knee. No tear, no stretch, no damage.

"There are things that happen in medicine that we can't explain. That we can't explain scientifically and this would fall in that category. I think through prayer is as good as any explanation I can give. But I can't explain this constellation of symptoms, the mechanism of injury, these MRI findings and finding a normal stable knew with a normal ACL,"  says Dr. James Harris, Tyler Orothopedic Surgeon.

On this morning Loretta's stitches from her orthoscopic exam were being removed. A few weeks of rehab she'll be as good as new. Even in a case that seems so small and insignficiant, this pastor and his wife were learned another lesson about the power of prayer.

"God cares about every little thing in our life," says Danny. "He is concerned about those things we may not consider so important and those things that we find incrediably important. And that if He can do this He can do anything."

"I've just always believed," saus Loretta. "It didn't take a miracle that believe that God can heal. I've always believed even today that God is in the business of healing."

"Repairing of an ACL...that if He can repair and ACL, He can touch an individual who has cancer. He can bring healing to a person. What we are called to do is to seek Him, to pray, call upon His name and lift our prayers up to Him and it makes all the difference," says Danny

Clint Yeatts, KLTV 7 News, cyeatts@kltv.com

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