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Arrest Made In Gregg County Double Homicide

Gregg County authorities say they've arrested the man they believe killed an elderly couple last month.  Brett Michael Birdwell, 44 of Longview has been charged with capital murder.  He's accused of beating and stabbing to death Neil and June Killingsworth, 83 inside the couple's Gregg County home last month.

The arrest is being seen as a major victory by investigators who have been working on this case non stop.  Authorities say Birdwell has been a person of interest throughout the entire investigation.  Almost from the beginning authorities say all clues led to Birdwell.  In a formal press conference, Saturday morning Sheriff Maxey Cerliano and District Attorney Carl Dorrough gave the details of Birdwell's arrest and connection with the case.

They said Birdwell was arrested at his Longview home on Golfcrest Street just after midnight Saturday.  Authorities also say the Killingsworth's stolen truck was left only blocks away from Birdwell's residence.  Investigators were later able to link Birdwell to a credit card belonging to the Killingsworth's, which was used after their deaths.

"We had interviewed him, we maybe even interviewed him on more than one occasion, we were continuing to work through the information we had and at an appropriate point it came together," said Sheriff Cerliano.

"It is gratifying to be able to, and I know the sheriff's office did this, pick up the phone call the Killingsworth family and say, we have the man who killed your parents," said Dorrough.  Investigators say Birdwell does resemble an artist sketch of the suspect that was released shortly after the murders.  They also say Birdwell did odd jobs for the Killingsworth's.  Birdwell remains in the Gregg County Jail charged with capital murder.  Birdwell also has a lengthy criminal history, which includes arrests for theft, forgery and assault.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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