Oxi Clean: "Does It Work?"

Miracle laundry products and stain removers just seem to be made for television. They're certainly as old as TV. We have another one for you. The makers of Oxi Clean claim their product uses the untapped cleaning power of simple oxygen to get your clothes, your carpets---just about anything--clean. We put it to the test, to answer the question... "Does It Work?"

"The stain specialist", it boasts. Oxi Clean claims to be as good as bleach without having to take all those precautions. Lisa, mother of two, helped us set up a pretty tough test. We put ketchup and grape Kool-Aid on a white shirt and rubbed it in. We let it set in for a while, scraped off the excess and were left with a stain we both considered immoveable...especially the ketchup. Oxi Clean mixes with hot water so we prepared 16 ounces. We added about a quarter scoop of the Oxi Clean powder and started stirring. It started smoking. When it dissolved, we poured it on. The stain started to budge immediately. But we don't have our hopes up too high. We set the timer for 30 minutes and were off to fight a carpet stain. "Well, it's been there for a long time," says Lisa. "And we really don't know what is. I'm thinking it is a scuff mark from my husband's shoe, dress shoe." Lisa says she's tried lots of carpet cleaning products and nothing makes it budge. She poured the solution across the length of the stain, both of us hoping it didn't turn the carpet orange or anything. We left it to soak for a half hour and went back in the kitchen to check on that shirt. You're supposed to work the stain a little with a sponge or rag. Lisa did the honors. And later we rinsed it out real good in the sink. But before we reveal the results on the shirt, we need to rinse out that carpet. "Whoa that looks good," says Lisa. "That looks great. That looks really good!" It was gone, without a trace. And no it didn't turn the carpet orange. "I tried to get it out with lots of different things," says Lisa. "And nothing worked. And I'm really impressed." And how did it fare on the shirt? "Well, the shirt does look whiter and cleaner and brighter," says Lisa. "But it's got a big ketchup stain on it. The Kool-Aid looks good. It's gone. But the ketchup's still there." Side by Side...vast improvement in the shirt. But not perfection. Tough call. So we're leaving it up to our "mother of two" expert. "I would buy it for the carpet. Because I wouldn't use it on clothes because you can use "Shout" or something similar to that where you can just spray it, you don't have to mix--and that's easier. But I would do it for the carpet." Good enough for us. While the ketchup proved a little stubborn, Oxi Clean did whiten the shirt significantly. The Kool-Aid was knocked out cold. And that old stain on the carpet finally met its match. Does it work? We give Oxi Clean a "yes".