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'The Tat That Brings Your Kids Back' - Safety Tattoos For Kids

Most parents don't want to hear that their kid has gotten a tattoo - but a new product may actually have you ordering one for them! They're called Safety Tattoos and they're temporary, waterproof tattoos that boast being the "tat that brings your kid back."

Playgrounds and tattoos - you don't typically think of them together, but now they may just go hand in hand.

"If we're out and about in a public place where it's crowded, I definitely thinks it's a good idea," says Ali Atwood, a mother of four.

And at Chick-Fil-A during lunchtime, it's always busy with parents and kids alike running around to grab a quick bite to eat.

"Especially me having four, it's easy for them to run off or be in area where I don't know, even at the playground here at Chick-Fil-A," says mom Christina Chastain.

That's where the Safety Tattoo comes into play.  It's temporary and waterproof and you can custom order them online with your specific information.

"I've never heard of anything like that and because I've actually taken a similar idea on my own, we've gone out of town to the park with our kids and as a parent I worry they could be kidnapped or lost and raised their shirt actually, taken a sharpie marker and written on their stomach," Ali adds.

They're just like the rub-on tattoos kids love, but safety tattoos can also alert someone if your kid is diabetic or autistic.

"Way cooler than a Sharpie, they would like that much better."

It's a tattoo you'll actually want your kids to want.

"We've had several scares, of course, we've have to put them on at Walmart and places like that, that's where our kids get lost so," say dad Tracy Jones.

Tracy Watler, Reporting tracy@kltv.com

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